Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Just Because Harapan is in power DOES not mean they are IMMUNE to Criticism..>Especially those related to ISLAM Racism, Bahasa Melayu and Raja Stupidity!!

This Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad memo of English and Malay language only in Public hospital should also extend the No Arabic language should be used ...no Inshah Allah, Asalamulaiku....Allah Akhbar....etc in Public Hospital.  Frankly  just speak in ENGLISH and SHUT DOWN Bahasa Make you STUPID Bahasa Malaysial Crap!!

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik Indicated that Greetings of Teachers in PUBLIC Schools should be in ENGLISH and Malay Only.  So those in Islamic IS Johor, Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, Trengganu who have to greet Teachers in ARABIC, JAWI Language should make a police REPORT or Complain to Education Minister that those sort of Arabic, Islamic greetings in SCHOOL should be BANNED!!  Lets take it to the limits!!...Let see if that is implemented in ALL Public Sekolah Kebangsaan Malay bias School.  Be smart and just teach in English!!  Enough Said Stupid Bangsat UMNO-PAS-PKR-Pribumi!!

Anwar support Azmin to be Deputy PKR because Azmin share his Islamic Brotherhood of Islam Agenda like Erdogan to Support Shariah Child Islam sanction Pedophile Law to allow Marriage of 4, Rafizi However have condemn Wan Azizah for NOT moving FAST to Ban ALL Child Marriage in Malaysia and also to Repel Shariah Law for 4 wives. Rafizi support only ONE WIFE Marriage align to general Human dignity and with other religion! 

No Islam Bias Run Administration, state, organisation or nation is ANY GOOD in this World! The quicker Sabah-Sarawak sack the Pribumi, PKR, UMNO, PAS from their Region..the quicker you can UNITE and SACK Malaya.....YOU ALSO SACK $1 TRILLION of DEBT and Not Suffer Like Orang Asli in Kelantan!!

 The quicker sabah-sarawak get rid of Warisan, Pribumi, PKR and ANY UMNO DNA type IS Islam Agenda to convert Sabah-Sarawakians to islam...the better it is for Sabah-Sarawak....The moment you have the power ...sack TAIB as Govenor and that Scumbag Govenor Melayu IS islam of Sabah...and SACk Malaya......the best is SACK the $1 Trillion Debt Burden...and leave it for the Sultan-Agong - UMNO-PAS IS Islam Pribumi-PKR to sort it out....and get 100% of OIL Profit to Improve the Nation Sabah-Sarawak without the Islam conversion Terrorist Agenda!!

The RACISM of IS SLAM UMNO-PAS-PKR-PRIBUMI Sultan-Agong-Govenor Melayu IS still Happening.....the Battle Continues.....

First thing IN Every Corner of Malaysia Just Throw Najib Photo into Tong Sampah/dustbin and replace with Tun!!... Burn ALL Rosmah photo and the witch and Bomoh will Die eventually!!

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