Thursday, October 04, 2018

DON'T BE STUPID AND STOP THE STUPIDITY of needing to FLY BACK TO VOTE FOR ANWAR.....THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DAP/HARAPAN STUPIDY CALL!! VOTE NON MUSLIM CANDIDATE...ABAI - Asalkan Bukan Anwar Ibrihim.....Make his victory look BAD....Save money, eat nicely at need to return to Port Dickson...Islamic PKR-UMNO-PAS brotherhood of Islam Stupid Dumb Songkok people only return to vote.

 Stupid are those in Harapan that ask you to retun to PD to vote for Anwar...I say Make ANWAR LOSE AND VOTE ANY NON MALAY Candidate and Make ANWAR LOSE....that is TRUE UBAH... ABAI Asalkan BUKAN ANWAR IBRIHIM ... Anwar is the Rubbish Education Minister that tried to make Bahasa Melayu BAKU GREAT...that was the point of demise together with TUN Bapa Kemerosotan malaysia. WE NEED NEW BLOOD that MAKE 2019 Standard 1 and Form 1 START WITH ENGLISH as Medium of instruction. That STUPID IDIOT Maslee another USELESS Education Minister cannot see the ANYTHING To progress Malaysia...and YOU EXPECT THE Millions of Malaysian overseas to return and make MALAYSIAL Bahasa Melayu Islam Great Again....GO TO HELL!!

Repel the Sedition Act


END SHARIAH the INFERIOR and RACIST Terrorist Child Pedophilia, 4 wives Idiot Sicko ruls in Islam.

Ban the Burkah and Tudung like Kazakhstan! 

END THE Racist Islam Malay SONGKOK NEED IN PARLIAMENT, MEET AGONG.....ETC... Chinese Have some pride like Singh and WEAR a CHINESE Head Gear at worst....NOT A RACIST MALAY SONGKOK!...Stupid! 


END Funding For Jakim, JAIS, MAIS, Shariah and USE the $15 BILLION Ringgit Saved to Build more Schools teaching SUPREME English Language, Better Hospital and Cheaper Housing..... GO TO HELL WITH using HARAM Non -Islam Tax Payers money to support the ISLAMIC RELIGION RUBBISH THAT MAKE MALAY STUPID! Use your own ZAKAT money for your OWN RELIGIOUS UPKEEP.....Tak Malu Guna wang orang Kafir untuk Agongkan Islam Sesak UMNO-PAS-PKR-Warisan-Bersatu-PBB- Bangsat Negara!

Tolong Suruh IGP pergi cari dan Pulangkan anak Mrs Gandhi yang dipaksa masuk Islam oleh Shariah, Jakim,Jais UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara, Sekarang Juga. Mahkahmah tertinggi pun sudah kata ank dia beragama hindu.....Cari itu semua Bangsat NGO Hamas IS Hezbollah Islam UMNO-PAS yang masih sembunyikan dia Sekarang Juga..... Lagi itu Bangsat Zakir Naik, Pecat Dia dari Malaysia sebelum Lebih Banyak Terrororist IS Islam di basuh minda buat Jenayah melanggar ajaran islam dan busukkan maruah Islam!!

Rafizi...can you give me another name you had in mind NOW?? So that we can have an opportunity to debate you...otherwise you are Losing Credibility FAST like Syed Siddiq for Defending Tony and like Sultan Berak!!...! Stop taking instruction from Wan Azizah, Anwar, Nurul , Azmin & VPs of PKR,....and open your mouth without thinking hard how stupid it looks Now across Malaysia!! We want UBAH not Sama-Sama!! B4 - GE14 - INVOKE...AFTER GE14 PROVOKE.... At least do something like Ask for IGP to Find and return to Mrs Gandhi force to convert to IS Islam UMNO-PAS...despite High Court Demand!!

Face it Rafizi you are not in the inner circle of Kak Wan, Mat Sabu, Anwar, Tun, LGE, LKS and Muhiddin.....what makes you think you are on par with them? I think you are being used by Nurul, Azmin, Tian Chua and those lackeys who want to bury your political career to do stupid thing or you think you are so great now like Najib?...and please don't continue the narrative that we cannot Criticise the Agong, Govenor and Sultan as they are making malay IS Islam mean there is a group of People after 61 years of suffering under UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara that are beyond criticism?...they are so Holy like Prophet Mohammed?? Their Acts are so fair and just?? Go to Hell and Get Mrs Gandhi Child return NOW.....Did the Rulers do anything despite the High Court Demand?? Not a soul did .....again Go to .....

Kalau perlantikan ini seorang bukan Islam melayu...tentu respond di sini berlainan...megapa ada prejudice begini?? Tak ada orang soal Langsung perlantikan Hissapmuddin Hussien bila itu Pembunuh Perajurit mati katak kat Perang sabah dengan terrorist IS ISlam sumbangan UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara dengan izin sultan-agong-govenor melayu! Boelh tak melayu terima seorang Menteri bukan Islam melayu dalam semua bidang walaupun tak ada pengalaman?? Kalau Boleh Bermakna semua bangsa boleh jadi Menteri Besar tanpa perlu jadi melayu Islam macam hari ini kat kebanyakkan negeri!! Mengapa Prejudis ini masih berlaku?? Kita UNDI UBAH Bukan SAMA-SAMA....we voted for CHANGE NOT the same Status Qua!!...Faham ??

Recognizing that all 4 parties and individuals from these parties have contributed immensely to dethrone and kick out BN/UMNO, nevertheless Rafizi and PKR have valid reason to be unhappy at the Federal and State levels. Lets look at some data. At Parliament level PKR has 48 seats, DAP 42, Pribumi 12 and Amanah 11. Based on these numbers I would have considered Pribumi and Amanah as junior parties recognising that without TUN the battle would not have been won. So more Ministers should come from PKR and DAP provided that they are talented, qualified and experienced. Now look at the State level. PKR and DAP have been shortchanged and got the short end of the stick. WHY? Yes CM of Penang will be from DAP, MB of Selangor is Azmin. No problem as these 2 states are overwhelmingly DAP and PKR respectively. But MBs of Perak, Johor and Kedah are all from Pribumi. Its not fair. How can the MB (Faisal Azumu) of Perak be from Pribumi as Pribumi has only 1 state seat whilst DAP has 18 seats ? Aziz Bari, a legal expert, should have been the rightful MB. Now to Kedah and we all know Mukhriz from Pribumi is the MB of Kedah. But Pribumi has won only 5 seats compared to 8 from PKR. Ok maybe PKR can let Pribumi have the MB post. Now lets look at Johor. Pribumi has 8 seats, DAP 14, Amanah 9, PKR 5. And yet again the MB of Johor is from Pribumi. Rightly the MB should be Salahudin Ayub from Amanah. Again the CM of Melaka should have come from PKR as PKR has 3 seats, DAP 8, Pribumi 2 and Amanah 2. But the CM is Adly Zahari from Amanah. PH has only got it right for NS as the MB is Amiruddin Harun from PKR. Now its so lopsided in favour of Pribumi - Pribumi 3 states (Kedah, Johor & Perak), PKR 2 states (Selangor & NS), DAP (Penang) and Amanah (Melaka) - which is a junior party in view of the seats won. So rightly and fairly PKR should form the state govts for Selangor, NS & Melaka, DAP form Penang and Perak, Amanah for Johor and Pribumi for Kedah. Stand to be corrected on fact/rationale

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