Thursday, October 11, 2018

WARNING !!! BEWARE !!! Malaysia is in CREDIT DEFAULT RISK NOW....October 2018..... WALL STREET SNEEZE IS MALAYSIA NAD South East Asia CRASH!!....Not only the Government (who can get around it by printing money)...BUT MANY Companies like GAMUDA, Sapura, Affin Bank, Bank Bumiputera, CIMB, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Malaysia Airlines... Malaysia Under Najib Borrowed in USA$$$ Dollar thinking its so Cheap 5 Years Ago..... NOW with Rising Rates.... THE REPAYMENTS INCREASES with a Double WHAMMY on a Falling STUPID RACIST TUDUNG -SONGKOK RINGGIT!!

 Since Nothing has change to return Mrs Gandhi Force Convert to Islam child and do nothing attitude of Police....  No Englsih as medium of Instruction in Schools in 2019,  Have NOT Abolish Jakim, JAIS, Shariah, FAKE NEWS Law, Death Penalty and Allowing Sultan to do Deals to KEEP their 1MDB Money from Najib Away from Prosecution......  WE CONTINUE THE AGENDA 2020 and BREAK MALAYSIA UP.....Proper.!!....Sorry ...Looks like we need to fast track Malaysia improvement WITHOUT ISLAM as the driving Force!!


Send ALL ISLAMIC Rohingyas Refugees to Isalmic Nation in theis World and MAKE ISLAM LAST IN YOUR IMMIGRATION POLICY!!

The Sultan and Agong are trying to Play EMPEROR by deciding who becomes MB, PM, DPM, Finance Minister, Govenor......  ALL Revealed NOW and in Public Domain After May 9  what was a Hush, Hush, behind the scene money move to UNDERMINE RAKYAT MALAYSIA and Demoncracy!!   Stand up and END ALL 9 Sultan to be Ceremonial.....End the Sultan Perak Gamuda Dedak Money and DEDAK Money Gained from the the Crisis in Perak in 2008 with Sultan Nazrin and Azlan Berak Shah Doing the DOG works of Najib, Tan Sri Vincent Tan and the 4 FROGS!!

End the Shariah, JAIS, JAKIM and all those Tax Payers sponsored ISLAM RELIGIOUS Schools and Organisation to the Tune of $18 Billion a year and RISING!!  With Malaysia in $1.15 Trillion Debt and difficulty in Finding money to repay the  FALLING Ringgit....WHY DAMAGE THE ECONOMY with these USELESS SLUT that Condone Child Marriage Like DPM and ANWAR Agrees to.  Its like Legalising Islam and Shariah to have the 4 Crap Wives Rule and at the same time CONDONING PEDOPHILIA IN ISLAM.   ONE MAN- ONE WIFE and END THE Shariah LAWS in Malaysia...>GO TO HELL ISLAM UMNO-PAS-PKR-BERSATU-WARISAN from Malaya or the Coming FINANCIAL Crisis means the SACKING of MALAYA and the BREAK UP of ALL States...

So Sultan Johor, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan and Trengganu wanted Wan Azizah to be PM instead of TUN.....  Now we know why Anwar the Boot likcer and Hand Kissee of Brotherhood of ISLAM wants Malay muslim to accept his Islamic Terrorist Agenda in the coming years.   GO TO HELL Anwar with your support of Hamas-Hezbollah-IS Islam.....  There Are Malaysian who will FIGHT like Isreal to Keep their Space and so many Orang Asli and Malays also support this in order to PRESERVE THE TRUE MALAY NO TUDUNG/ISLAM Culture....

Shut RTM DOWN Too and Boycott Star and ALL local Papers...ALL FAKE NEWS and ISLAM UMNO-PAS -PKR-BERSATU-WARISAN BIAS RACIST NEWS!! not Fall into Harapan conditioning of Freedom seeking Malaysia!!

RENAME TRX to CITIZEN EXCHANGE NOW......  no need to give ANY dignity to Tun Razak Racist terrorist Islam Najib-Rosmah makan dedak LEGACY Anymore....$1.15 Trillion Ringgit and Rising....WHY MAINTAIN THE SATUS QUO WHEN CHANGE IS EXPECTED....DO IT NOW!!

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