Thursday, January 10, 2019

Want to REALLY know why Tun Dr M- Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia met Sultan Johor??.....

Want to REALLY know why Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia met Sultan Johor??.....

Before I go on WHY THE HELL IS TUN NOT WEARING A SONGKOK AS PER THE RACIST ARAB MALAY -UMNO-PAS anti Icerd Sultan Agong Supporters demand other race to wear that RACIST Songkok Head Gear when seeing the Sultan.  From TODAY ONWARDS.....  NEVER WEAR THE RACIST ARAB MALAY Songkok...that is a Sign you are also SUPPORTING the HARAPAN RACIST UMNO-PAS Agenda.   We continue OUR Agenda 2020 to Sack Malaya From Sabah Sarawak and Leave the MALAYA 9 CANNOT BE INSULTED SUPER RACIST SULTAN-AGONG MALAY ARAB GODS TO DEAL WITH THE $1.3 Trillion Ringgit National Debt on their OWN.

Now the Meeting between NON KISSING Hand TUN ....Unlike the Brotherhood of Racist ARAB Malay ISLAM ...Anwar Ibrahim......  GO TO HELL ERDOGAN IS ISLAM RACIST ANWAR!!....Malaysia is DOOMED WITH THESE EX UMNO ISLAM SCUMBAGS!!

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Unlike Statemens like Tun....they talked about CARS!!    Yes Tun wants Johor to be the Port for 3rd National CAR........  Hint...hint...Nudge...nudge....  of course also discuss HOW SULTAN - Agong Should Behave and thank him for Sultan Johor Support to Endorse Him as Prime Minister in the Last Election with the Nation in Balance and close to CHAOS and Terror!!

Building the 3rd Electric Car Plant in JOHOR WILL Propel that state to World Class State.  Discuss Pulau Kukup as National Federal Land and See how much Johor Sultan will invest on the 3rd National Car!!!....Iimagine what that could do to Sultan johor 5 Billion Property Investment into those Ghost Town Chinese Investment.....This Johor State has the MOST UNSOLD Apartments and Property......  Don't Believe...go Drive Past Gelang Patah to Puteri Harbour, Iskandar, Danggar Bay....ETC and ALL OVER JOHOR...ITS CALLED GHOST TOWN CITY OF JOHOR!!

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