Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New IGP Abdul Hamid Bador..when the HELL are you going to Track down the ISLAMIC Zakir Naik NGO providing Refuge to Diska Prasana....?? MYR $100,000 is on offer to ANY MALAYSIAN That can provide information to the POINT of Returning her to MRS GANDHI......for Infomation tothe ARREST OF that SCUMBAG Mohd Riduan...$10,000... SO Abdul Hamid Bador Before you investigate the SUSTEMIC GENOCIDE TO ORANG ASLI IN Gua Musang, Kampung Kuala Koh by the PAS Dominated Kelantan and condone by Sultan Muhammed Druggie V ...because orang Asli REJECT FORCE CONVERT TO Malay Arab Supremacist Brotherhood of ISLAM UMNO-PAS BANGSAT NEGARA, the Zakir Naik IS Terrorist continue their Force Conversion and Disappearance Acts like Wang Kelian.....Kelantan as a STATE WILL PAY A HEAVY PRICE.....In Natural Disaster in the months and years ahead!! HELP THE RACIST SUPREMACIST ARAB MALAY LAST IN KELANTAN EVEN IF THEY SUFFER GREAT FLOOD!!...Kelantan Muslim Leaving Islam IS THE ONLY GOOD SIGN THERE....Teruskan KELUAR ISLAM Beramai-ramai...tak payah tukar nama...Terus bertudung ASALKAN TOLAK AGAMA MUNAFIQ ISLAM!! Ini saja satu yang Allah bagi Rahmat....jangan jadi MACAM "STUPID LITTLE HELANG"!!





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