Friday, August 02, 2019

Make Police Report of this Sultan RTS Johor Corruption Land Robber for Not Wearing Crash Helmet while Riding Motocycle..... + all those useless dunggus riding behind!!

Make Police Report of this Sultan RTS Johor Corruption Land Robber for Not Wearing Crash Helmet while Riding Motocycle..... + all those useless dunggus riding behind!!  Ayuh IGP Cepat Buat Laporan Langgar Undang2 oleh Sultan Johor....Jangan nanti dipanggil Stupid Little Boy oleh TUN DR Merosotkan Malaysia Sekali Lagi!!

Also Make a Police Report on Racist Idiot Islam Jawi  KHAT Force on Kids at Standard 4..... This Idiot Mazslee MOE Bangsat Brotherhood of Islam Education Minister is PURE TALIBAN Arab MALAY IDIOT IN HARAPAN.   ALL PARENTS TELL YOUR KIDS THIS IS RELIGIOUS BRAIN WASHING AND BOYCOTT IT FOR YOUR CHILD AND FAIL THAT RACIST SUBJECT!!    Make Police take statement from that Idiot Director of Education who try TO Force Islam to your KIDS BY FORCE....then said you wrote you want to be Islam so your IC you are Now Religion ISLAM by TRICKERY and STEALTH.......IF YOU WANT TO PRAY 5 TIMES DON'T WORK FOR A NON ISLAM COMPANY....UNDERSTAND !~@#$%^&*()1!  IDIOTS ARAB Melayu  UMNO-PAS-IGP-Sultan _agong bangsat Negara!

If BM = Jawi...then melayu Arab Umno-pas-pis + sultan -agong = BODOH...STUPID Little Race......Itu Pasal..>We need 2 system of law in malaysia....One the Shariah...the other the the English....the other the Jawi....  Kita Kena Heret Keluar semua Bangsa Melayu Dari Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan dan dari semua sekolah Swasta...terutama semua anak2 sultan-agong, golongan Hidup Mewah UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara.....Agenda 2020 Mula Bergerak...Pecat Malaya Dari Sabah-Sarawak....2 Negara pecat 1 negara Malaya!!...itu saja Kesimpulan!!  BOIKOT JAWI .....  FAIL IT ..>DEMAND SCHOOL to TAKE Child OUT OF JAWI -BM Class.....Let Melayu Arab Kurang Maruah Learn Bahasa Arab!!

So many malay Friends and Socoal Hate Jawi saying its not BM anymore its Arab....Malay hate being Force to be stupid by the Arab Malays...weird Jawi = stupid is this??  If its Khat is Art...put in Art Class !!Are you weird awake?? Malaysia Bodoh!!

Avoid Investing in Ponzi Racist Malaysia...the Currency Crisis of 2020 will be Worst than is a Fitting Farewell to TUN IF HE DON'T Reverse the Force your Kids to Write JAWI IN SABAH-SARAWAK....TELL HIM TO GO TO HELL ... SARAWAKIANS!!!......VOTE HARAPAN PKR DAP.....KUBURKAN PBB  Corrupted GPS ...Ini Kali Lah!

He dare say he is not happy with Special Military Corruption Crap buying overpriced Sampan and boats.....
Those Loser Ex Generals who are not Happy with the Sultan taking away their "Periuk Mankuk" rice bowl of making corruption money should lodge the Crime Committed by the Sultan and the Rest of thoese idiots POOR Example Arab Malays Following HIS ROYAL Mat Rempit Jelajah Johor Crap.

Make HIM PAY for Setting a Poor Example as usual for ALL THOSE Loser Arab UMNO-PAS Malay.....   Hello IGP Bangsat Negara Hamid Badul or Badut..>Take Action Quick and see IG AG Send it to the Courts.    WE WILL DO ALL THINGS BY THE LAW.....AND NO SCUMBAGS IN MALAYSIA SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW!!....  HURRY UP!!

Until the IGP do something with the ongoing Systemic Genocide of Orang Asli, unite diksa Prasana with mum, find the killers of Pastor Koh, Helmi, Ruth, Amri....etc and  EXPOSE WHERE ALL THESE SYRIAN IS TERRORIST IS RESIDING ACROSS MALAYSIA.....WE Will continue to Work on Agenda 2020..>Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.....NOW FOCUS ON SACKING PBB & Gabungan GPS Bangsat Negara of TAIB UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara From Sarawak......  SARAWAK TAK NAK ISLAM.....  ISLAM BAWA KEMUNDURAN DAN BENCANA...>TAK ADA NEGA ISLAM YANG MAJU ...Tengok  Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Afganistan, Bangladesh......  TOLAK ISLAM...TOLAK MALAYA...MAJU MACAM SINGAPURA!!

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