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Click Here to Show your Support..Organise Mass Rally In Sabah-Sarawak to Sack Malaya and BM

Call for Maszlee Malik  TO RESIGN, SACKED OR RETIRE...for Forcing Arabic Language on All Malaysian.  We Call for Change Via Civil Disobedience until this Maszlee Malik is replaced as Education Minister IMMEDIATELY and Put a NON Arab Malay as NEW Educatiuon Minister.  Write a letter to Teacher and Principal stating your son will NOT learn Jawi/Khat Crap (below is a sample).  Inform your SON IF THEY ARE BULLIED OR PUNISHED, A POLICE REPORT WILL BE MADE…..the more the Better!!  MOE cannot Force and make Boycott of Jawi Learning a CRIME...NO SUCH LAW EXIST.   NOTING Criminal FOR NOT WANTING to Learn Jawi.   Unite and Show POWER IN BOYCOTT PROTEST.  After ALL BM is Not Jawi and Jawi is Not BM...  Stupid little boy also says Jawi is NOT BM.  State that to teacher and principal.  If jawi it is art ...PUT IN ART Class!!  Also Add Hebrew, Sanscrit, Mandarin, Hindi, Koren, japanese….etc in that ART Class!!  All these Action that you are taking is ALSO A MEANS TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO ALL ARAB MALY ISLAM Sultan-Agong of Malaysia!

So copy this note below(make changes as you wish) and send to your School Principal, teacher and let them complain to the education minister Mazslee, Deputy MOE, Tun Dr. M, Anwar, Lim guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Zuriadah,  Wan Azizah, Azmin……etc.   yes all of you parents.  Copy the following letter, print multiple and pass it to all your fellow parents and children oppose to the Force Learning of Jawi/Khat in School that is NOT the language of Bahasa Malaysia that we have known for 60 Years.  Malaysia education have gone back 60 Years in 2019….it will Fall a further 60 Years after you are FORCE to Learn Jawi and KHAT in whatever manner they try to disguise the SCAM….Like Diksa Prasana…YOUR QUALITY EDUCATION ASPIRATION WILL BE AN ENFORCED DISSAPERANCE IN THE COMING YEARS...YOU WILL BE DUMBED DOWN STUPID LITTLE BOY/GIRL!!

The constitution state that Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language like in Singapore.  Nothing was stated about Khat, Arabic or Jawi in the constitution.  If need be, we can Boycott enmass and fail it.  Pointless to take it to the BIAS Islam Dominated Judges in the Highest Court of Malaysia.  Civil disobedience is the BEST.  There are 9.5 Million Chinese, 3.6 Million Indians and 2.7 Million Iban, Orang Asli, Penan, Kadazan, Iban, 2.3 Million illegals/others….   Combining these give a Majority of more than the Arab Malays by many millions.  Mind you I have not included the other true Malays who hate and protest the Khat/Jawi in Local & International Schools.  There are about 2-3 million Malays who oppose the Arabnisation and Jawinisation of TRUE MALAY.  Real Malays are losing their culture and identity too and they all hate it!!

Send a clear message via children to the useless Education Minister Maszlee Malik and also to his coming replacement.  Don’t make us Stupid with your Stupid Islamic Education ideology.  The Failure to have English as the medium of Instruction across Malaysia after GE14 is a Failure of the education minister.  Almost 99.9% of the Sultan-Agong children, relatives and UMNO-PAS Mega Rich Leaders send their Children to Private International School that  DO NOT DO THIS STUPID KHAT, JAWI OR ISLAM RELIGIOUS CLASS.  Smart Malaysia use this Boycott and Civil Disobedience via your Children to send a CLEAR MESSAGE TO THESE MEGA RICH MALAYS RULERS TOO.  Our Children is our Future…..Follow the Singapoer Way!!



Letter to Principal of the School


Re: I Forbid my Son/Daughter to Learn or write Khat,  Arabic Words or Jawi in School.

Dear Teacher/Principal,

Can you please ensure that my son/daughter is excused from learning or writing the above matter.  We have consulted our lawyers and can comfirm that the Bahasa Malaysia Language is Not written in Jawi or Khat.   Please ensure that during the sessions where the above matter is taught, make it a point that under NO Circumstances that my son or daughter will be prejudice in any manner or punished for not participating in the above Arabic language class .  Should there be any unnecessary mental duress or physical punishment meted out to our son/daughter, we will not hesitate to make a police report and take appropriate action under law against you to the highest court in Malaysia for causing grevious bodily harm or acts of damaging our child educational needs.

While we understand that the Ministry of Education is putting unnecessary pressure on ALL teachers to teach these Arabic Language, we are in Malaysia and we prefer to learn English, Chinese over Arabic Language.  We are educated enough to understand Khat/Jawi is NOT Bahasa Malaysia.  The constitution also states that Bahasa Malaysia is Not Jawi/Khat or Any Arabic Language.  If you choose to continue this path of stupidly recognising that Bahasa Malaysia is the same as Jawi/Khat, then you do damage to your own professional integrity, dignity, culture and moral ethos.  We want no part of your STUPIDITY!.  We will NOT be part of the evil/sick religious process, ideology, morality or whatever dumb down education system subjected to our children.  While the Arab Malay students are doing Khat/Jawi, allow my child to work on his other Maths, Science and English Work!!  Please ensure that you respect our decision and desire after giving it much thought in the interest of preserving the Malay true culture and the need to DISRESPECT Arab Malay Stupidity and Ideology! !

Yours sincerely,

Maszlee Malik

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