Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bomb caused Concorde Hotel ceiling caves in... Malaysia is Terrorist Friendly Country...??? Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and SACK Crimea!!

We can also lie and tell more lies like UMNO-BN on the Internet to discredit and demolish the local bred UMNO-BN media toilet trained Journalist and propaganda  get out of Malaysia all investors until UMNO-BN is removed and sent to Jail or Hung in Malaysia....

Hung because some UMNO-BN have instructed police to murder.  Perhaps the pilot was the last to have seen and flown Altantuya to Malaysia and Najib UMNO-BN with Rosmah wants to end all possible links??  So UMNO-BN killed all the passenger to give UMNO-BN Najib, Tun Dr. M , Muhaddin credibility to their continuous Evil ways......If police Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 37, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 42,who have Blown up Altantuya and Admitted to have done this heinous evil act being set free....mind you they are PM Najib and Rosmah and many UMNO racist special body guard police.....and those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist caught in Sabah not Hung for carrying guns.....then this MH370 will be no different like the Tun Fuad Plane crash to divert attention to Anwar and Karpal injustice!!.....or Sabah wanting to Sack Malaya at that time.......Take to the streets and turn Candle light Vigil to OCCUPY and SACK UMNO-BN in Dataran Merdeka!! 

From MH370 to War in Sabah against UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist and Umno- south Thailand islamic terrorist....  Time for the World to Boycott racist Malaysia under the watchful eyes of UMNO-BN  with Sultan-Agong Approval...  Stop your investment to Malaysia....

Nothing can be taken seriously anymore in Malaysia.  All data and news can be spun, manipulated to the whims and fancy of the Racist Regime with Sulta-Agong Approval to maintain their racist status quo.  What else the reason these cahoots of Evils sacked Singapore 60 years ago??   That was their long term sham, planning, bombs and terror to sack Singapore.....  Now using Burst Water main Bomb in Shah Alam, Bomb in Concorde Hotel to start their terrorism towards Malaysian.

We need to add to the drama until the UMNO-BN government issues an edict that ALL Malaysian cannot water their plants or wash cars EXCEPT those of Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN elite racist SCUMS.......They can use ALL lies and resources while Malaysian needs to ADJUST your Brains, Lifestyle and thinking to maintain the PEACE and Harmony under the ALLAH cult of UMNO-BN in cahoots with the Mythical Cult Defender of Islam(Sultan-Agong).  Everything you say against them is seditious and action will be taken against any false news, reporting, rumours and ONLY the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Lies, Spin, Evils are allowed to be published.

It has taken 60 years under the same UMNO regime, same cahoots, same racist bigots Islam cult Ideology, same friendliness towards Islamic Cult terrorist, same racist rubbish to continue their evil and a result of their Lies, Spins and Evils.....MH370 and all on board have died and nothing is found by the inept and incompetent UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval..

After 10 days and the reasons keep changing like in Malaysia after 10 years NEP changes...after 20 Years education levels drops...after 30 years..Ringgit drops...after 60 years Cannot use Allah...and the excuses continues with this UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong to Destroy Malaysia with their sick Evil Ideology.

We need to March with the Lawyers in solidarity with injustice towards Anwar, Karpal ruling....we need to march in support of the victioms of Mh 370 against the cover up by UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong...  We need to march, candle vigils for suffering Malaysian from the Price rises, Water Ration Sham and wastage by UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan - Agong

Malaysia is a sham and evil racist bigots regime.  These Ultra Nazi UMNO Malays in cahoots with Sultan will only use the FIRE POWER to Defeat, Obliterate, Kill the citizen Malaysia if they step out of line like North Korea........the more Islamic terrorist intrude into Malaysia, the better as they can be tamed like Hamas, Hezbollah by Iran Shia ideology and using the Brotherhood of Islam Sunni - Taliban Alliance.

The best we can do now is migrate to Sabah-Sarawak....kick those UMNO-BN out of State running....and Sack need referendrum, no need UN, no need consult...and Just Hammer and Whack those Islamic UMNO-SULU-Abu Sayaf terrorist and send them back to Malaya.  This is a best outcome for all and we do not need to wait another 30 days, 60 years for the truth, reality, better life for all.  Continue to live with UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong means the same Rubbish you get with MH370 New economic Policy updates, excuses, inept and incompetence with the Allah Rubbish issues thrown in.  Where is the Allah issues, Perkasa, when the international media is around.....lets play it to the HILT the SHAM and Scam of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.....  more lies and cover up....

Release the first 50 minutes of data, contact, transcript, recordings, between MH 370 and tower, military radar...etc...then we will decide what really happen...not every 5 days new insight....SHAM and SCAM!!...meanwhile UMNO-BN in cahoots with Agong -Sultan  doing some massive cover up!!  Don't invest in Malaysia economy and LIES until UMNO-BN is removed!!

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