Monday, March 10, 2014

MAS CRASH 2014 - UMNO-BN Friendly Ties with Islamic Terrorist with Approval from Sultan-Agong??

Excuses...excuses....Inept and incompetence & trying to contain the Internet and Media with Spin, Lies and delaying if the world were all Born Malaysian....frighten to question, demand answers, reasons, problems.......  STOP The Lies malaysia UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong ...defender of Islam Cult.

Everything is unverified ....@#$%!.....including the War on Sabah. Genocide of Penans, Killings of humans, rape of children and Corruption of EPIC proportion in Malaysia!!  No one want to hear the Agong talk in Malay in his address to parliament....speak in English please...this is the international media looking at Malaysia FARCE!!

At least now the world and more Malaysian(hopefully)get a glimpse of the Despotic state, inept and incompetent  UMNO-BN in cahoots with corrupted Sultan-Agong (who decided to sack Singapore in the past).....Now feel the pain of the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf War in Sabah that is still ongoing.  Everything is unverified until there is DEATH...Disaster...investigate....and No one to blame but the world incompetence or discuss with terrorist and swept under carpet!!

Interpol have given you a list of lost passport, suspicious people, terrorist....UMNO-BN + Agong have in their Opinion not raise the red flag when the fake passport holders were allowed to board the flight.  no different to the recently released convicted terrorist  KhalidSharrouf    

Despite Interpol to apprehend him, UMNO-BN-Polis Islamic sympatizer with Agong approval choose to ignore the arrest when he landed in KLIA. @#$%^&!

No different really with the UMNO sponsored Sulu-Abu Sayaf, Jemiah, South Thailand Terrorist to Kill and destroy Sabahans Dignity with their continuous terrorism acts even until today.   What do you expect from a tainted UMNO-BN government approved by and in cahoots with Sultan Agong??  You expect world class response, media spin, crisis management.@#$%!  Forget it.  Like in the Malaysian UMNO-BN inept-incompetence response like the on-going war in Sabah....  Then send in some top Brass Army chief with all those war medallions, stars, misai and sitting flop on his belly to try to contain the anger and hunger of the people.....the rest as we say is history.

Never an opportunity or moment in history to take power in Sabah-Sarawak and SACK UMNO-BN...Immediately....Sabah came close but these PBS scum got bribed, UMNO-Sulu Terrorist invoke and Sabahans missed their chance and now suffering the inept and incompetence management of UMNO-BN.  Don't be like Ukraine and allow UMNO-BN to send Army and terrorist to reinforce and reinvade Sabah-Sarawak....  Sack them...take them prisoners, try them for War crime against humanity and Genocide to Penans and not sympatize with these Leeches, crooks and racist UMNO-BN scums who things we want to negotiate with terrorist.

UMNO-BN have been terrorizing Malaysia with Stupidity,   i.e english language change to Bahasa M medium of instruction, Forcing you to buy INFERIOR Proton over aother more noted brand, making Allah word a FARCE in Malaysia and all type of corruption and stupidity that follows!

Too many Injustice in Malaysia and UMNO-BN must pay with their suffering to come.......Karpal Singh conviction on his statement that Sultan Munafiq Islam Perak have no right to sack MB or play polictics will haunt the Sultan and Judiciary to the grave with their $MILLION ringgit payment by UMNO-BN....rot in Hell Sultan!!

So is the Anwar second conviction....based on one individual who saw current PM for Scholarship + $$$$ like those Corrupted UMNO-BN scums and plan the Sodomy story.....  What about Hanging the 2 UTK murderer from PM special squad - Capt. Azilah Hadri & Sirul Azhar bin Haji Umar (IC No: RF12559) - See their .. Face  and OBLITERATE them.....take no prisoners...yet for starving a maid to death apparently...2 Chinese couples to Hang....serve them right too....but lets have EQUAL Justice to Blatant Murder and Evils.....

Where are the Armada of Corruption Submarine that UMNO Bought while Najib was Defence Corrupted Minister with Agong-Sultan Approval....should have 2 to be sent for search and rescue.....  Still Under service??  Of course it is ..and that is the evils of corruption by UMNO-BN - Approved by the fake defender of Islam - Sultan-Agong...  Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and SACK MALAYA!!...and CRASH Malaya Racist bigots laws and continual PLUNDERING of Sabah-Sarawak resources.....Crash Malaya economy and Crush the EVILS of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan - Agong!! Is UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong responsible for this MH 370 Crash....???  To take heat away form the Kajang by Elections, Allah Issues, Anwar conviction, Price rise and Anger of the People with the GST and more price rises????

Meawhile local useless media and Jambanlist (toilet trained local Malaysian UMNO-Media trained journalist)...talking about how to save by shopping around for inferior and cheap food ..... don't get sick with UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong...  Get even...Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak Sack UMNO-BN and SACK MALAYA!!...the writing is already on the wall of the coming economic collapse in malaysia with Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO-BN Scums.....they have moved their $$$$$ and stash of gold bars overseas!!...take no no MERCY to the UMNO-BN Terrorist towards citizen Malaysia with ongoing HIGHER cost of living!!...Read HYPERINFLATON!!...ringgit = zimbabwe dollar soon.....

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