Friday, March 14, 2014

Turn every situation into opportunity to topple UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval....

We need to take Action against UMNO-BN Lies and Evils instead of trying to take actions against those who speculate and sensationalize issues regarding MH370.  Make UMNO Fear every unprovoked outcome.  March and candle vigil in Dataran Merdeka!!

Was it a Terrorist Bomb in Sarawak??  How are the UMNO-Sulu -Abu Sayaf terrorist holding out in Sabah??  What actually happened to flight MH370??  Was the Malaysian UMNO malays cult trained army just starting to read the manuals on the corruption purchase of $300 million Radar and all sorts of weaponary??  IS UMNO-BN using this decoy to transfer more money overseas in case the Ukraine winds catches Malaysian FED UP with the High cost of living, barang naik, smog, aedes, murder, crime, evils of UMNO creation start coming to roast??

Malaysian should learn about not being Romantics to the EVILS, inept, incompetent racist UMNO-BN policy, agenda with the approval of Sultan-Agong.  All a plan to make slavery and Dhimmis of Islam Cult that is practiced by UMNO-BN and the Mythical Sultan-Agong defender of Islam.

We need to take advantage of this International media/situation and Street March in Solidarity with the Victims of MAS MH370........let the media come support you cause....then March to Dataran Merdeka and Camp there in Solidarity with the Victims until they are found......candle vigil.......then Turn that to Bangun Bantah...Bangkit UMNO-Barang Naik and the inept and incompetent management of the people gather like in Ukraine..... and media all there.... Send message of INJUSTICE solidarity to Karpal, Anwar, Teoh, Kugan and Police & Army Corruption.......continue the build up until UMNO-BN is taken down with Sultan-Agong Approval!!

DO it before the international Media get bored with UMNO-BN Lies and inept/incompetent circus and leaves Malaysia.......Make UMNO-BN days painful to the end and in Hotel Sg Buloh......  Ayuh.....  Bersh, ABU.....Kuburkan UMNO-BN!!
Dengan media Luar negara kat Malayasia....Masa Dah Sampai untuk Turun Padang...Bangun, Bangkit..Bantah .......Barang Naik, Kos Hidup Naik.... Keputusan mahkahmah Terhadap Karpal Singh, Anwar, Bantah cara UMNO-BN sembunyi maklumat/ siasatan MH370........

Ayuh Semua Lancarkan Process Kuburkan UMNO-BN Secara Ukraine.....Mari Ramai2 ...Dataran Merdeka Muali Sabtu ini...bawa Makan, kem....Bersedia Hina UMNO-BN!!...dan segala perkakas UMNO-BN!!

Is UMNO-BN with Sultan Approval in a coverup process to protect the Evils of the Islam Cult terrorist friendly,bincang attitude UMNO-BN with solid Sultan-Agong approval??  Was it just one of those freak systems failure??  Was it that decompression theory that everyone was asleep and the plane was in auto pilot to the end??  We can speculate because we are not FED WITH FACTS in the Malaysian controlled media.

If Altantuya can be erased from the immigration entry, then who knows what else the UMNO-BN Sham can do with Critical information people need to piece together this tragic events.  So no more Allah issues, just charge Karpal and Anwar for their non-crime and the Sultan-Agong Approve this Injustice.  Tell this to your kids the NOTHINGNESS and the Myths of the Sultan-Agong.  In front of Allah they are mere Humans with nothing special ...worthy of any mention.  If these Defenders of Islam is so great....why are they not in the midst of the Syrian Conflict, brokering some Peace.....or at Sudan, Somalia or Gaza or Egypt...there lies the truth of the Lies UMNO-BN Islam cults wants you to keep holding to your chest.

Un-learn.... un - Brain wash...wake up...  Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak...even Singaporeans can do it...take position...take power...Sack UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS and then Sack Malaya!!

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