Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KARPAL SINGH - The Man, Legend, Fighter of justice.......R I P!!

So sad to hear this REAL Legendary Figure of trying to make Malaysia a better place.  He will be held higher than all the TUNs, Tan Sri, Sultan & Agong put together BECAUSE Karpal did something to right the wrong, to be a voice for those who had no voice, to represent people when there was no hope.  Freely Voice his mind when things were not correctly carried out.  Challenging all Legal outcome regardless of the manner laws were interpreted.  For voicing out an opinion about the Sultan Munafiq Perak Azlan Shan Dispicible and unconstitutional act on the power Grab in Perak....Karpal was hounded for sedition aginst the Sultan.  Who cares really what the court of laws says....  The Court of People have already made Sultan ex Lord President of Perak Guilty for perverting the course of Justice and Democracy.

Karpal will be held in the highest regards in the annals of Malaysia History.....Higher than all the Sultan-Agong-Tun and Tan Sri Combined.....Karpal is one OF VICTORIA CROSS Material.  He will be in the eyes of the People a VICTORIA CROSS Recipient....worthy of all the heroics, rhetoric, free speech and freedom to voice an opinion in the Midst of the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong, police, IGP, judiciary, tools of UMNO, Malaysia Credibility Tainted RTM, TV3 MH370 media....

Lets Give him a Farewell NEVER seen in Malaysian HISTORY...Bigger than any Sultan-Agong or PM that have passed...Lets Us Gather with Gathering that will Send Shockwaves to UMNO-BN who are in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.......We continue to Threaten and send the message of ANGER and Hunger in the Midst of SORROW!!  That is how Karpal wants Malaysian to be even after his DEATH!!!  Be a TIGER - LION that brings terror to the corrupted UMNO-BN Leaders and their cahoots of Sultan-Agong!!  Show no Mercy, take no prisoners!!

Ayuh ...Malaysian...come and Give the LION-TIGER of Malaysia... a GRAND Farewell!! Penang!!

 .....DEAD from a Car accident.  Conspiracy theory is ....who was the lorry driver.....Allah/God have eyes.  Was he paid by UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong??  What was the lorry driver financial state....what is the Lorry driver name?  On drugs?  How come his name is left out in all the reports??  Is this another UTK or UMNO-BN terrorist latest hit to continue the legacy of the Corrupt regime.  Many things will not surface until after 20-30 years like the Memali incident.  We will call it an incident like the Altantuya C4 blown apart body by Najib's-Rosmah personal police guard...Sirul Azhar Omar and  Chief Inspektor Azilah Hadri....  murderers walking free....willing to do whatever for the sake of some powerful people protecting them.....  were they in MH370,  was there any other cars involve to make precautionary maneuver in the Alphard.  Be interested to see if there was any Crash Cam installed...time for Pakatan politicain to take Anwar Next??

Do you think any of the Sultan-Agong, Rulers give a Damn about the state of Malaysia Road Safety, Law and order....  FAT Hopes.  Its still abuot the SPHERE of POWER and WEALTH and as long as it is NOT Impacted....Citizen Malaysia can continue to be their Slaves of Misery and their UMNO-BN Sulu - Abu Sayaf Brand of Terrorism...

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