Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Legacy of UMNO-BN with Sultan Approval Racist bigots Corrupted Regime... and Drip feed TRUTH...means Disaster...

Malaysian knows the disaster of moving from English to Bahasa Malaysia....Sabah & Sarawak was STUPID to follow this legacy of language that will make Malaysian impoverish that those Radar readers don't even know how to read the MANUAL and interpret a problem with MH370.  Lying about what was said now by Pilot....from alright good night to Good night Mh370 to yah Allah...to Go to Hell UMNO-BN!! @#$%^&

Yet for PRIDE of the Malays and their legacy, they try to cover up all inept and incompetency and legacy of their racist bigots murdering ideology with the death of 200+ people.  Smarten up world...No NEED to invest in inept and incompetent and DANGEROUS Malaysia.  This is a country with links to Islamic terrorist with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Same inept and incompetence in dealing with SABAH INCURSION by UMNO sponsored Terrorist lately that resulted with death of SOLDIERS, who do not think anymore what they are dealing with.

Time to gather, plan, plot and SACK Malaya.  No need the legacy of Racist Bigots Songkok royal prejudice protocol for some man made titles.  Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk ....etc are all rubbish in light of the ongoing POVERTY and Misery Malaysian are encountering.  After the Sarawak ex Chief Minister seat, we now just need to have 10,000 people to migrate to the constituent, each of these UMNO-BN seat and kick those UMNO-BN Terrorist from Sabah-Sarawak.....There is a limit as to how many people can be allowed to migrate and Sack the Scumbag UMNO-BN -PBB-PBS .  Less than 500,000 allowed to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak in reality.

The Day UMNO-BN is KICKED out of Sabah-Sarawak government.......SACK the Govenor.....arrest the UMNO-BN leaders and USELESS Army and Police Chief of Sabah-Sarawak and SACK Malaya.....Simple.  We have 3 years to make a trial run......and keep UMNO-BN shanking in the pants....the Day of SACKING malaya is ever nearer.  At the same time either EDUCATE or Obliterate the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist...

So after 30 Years....Memali incident now used as talking point TO COVER UP the MH370 inept and incompetence of UMNO-BN with Sultan Agong Approval......so the local media wants it played but we keep focusing on MH370 so as to make UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong CRACK at international DISBELIEF of their Arrogance, Rude and uncultured manner of handling.  STOP the INVESTMENT in MALAYSIA NOW...PULL out CHINA....USA...the World...until the truth is revealed...

Don't bother with the MH370 Daily Update......@#$%^&*-  Update your brain better...Un-brain wash..its like those Poor Malays/Chines/Orang Asli/Indians under the Drug of UMNO-BN in cahoots of Sultan-Agong making their mind poor, life miserable and weak thinking drib feed.

Memali lies, Tun Dr M Fake Heart Operation to win some Sympathy .......  MH370 Lies.....  Yet stupid Foreigners still want to invest in Malaysia.  Perhaps they feel Malaysian are slaves with no aspiration and likes to serve the Gods of UMNO-BN and Sultan-Agong with cheap Labour.  Then the CRUSHING of Malaysia Economy is Inevitable to JOLT this nation from the EVIL of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Clutches.....Lets hope People RUSH to these leaders Residence and seek FOOD, $$$$$ and shelter!!!

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