Monday, April 14, 2014

The SHAM of the Sultan of Johor Legacy.... need to record the Sultan facts before forgotten by many...

Lets be easy and start the SHAM from the Grandfather of Current Sultan Johor(2014).  Ismail Al-Khalidi Ibn Ibrahim Al-Masyhur.....who is the father of terror Sultan Iskandar...the killer of the golf caddy who laughed at his poor golf stroke....and many other innocent people.   No need to mention the many other killings not having sufficient witness and proof.

Ismail Al-Khalidi Ibn Ibrahim Al-Masyhur(grandfather to current Sultan) had 2 wives...the first died along the way from car accident but Sultan escaped unhurt(sounds bizzare too) and remarried the second wife(Tengku Nora-some Kelantan Royalty).  Tengku Nora is the one that needs more scrutiny as if ALLAH did not have eyes.  She had no children.

She is the elder sister of ex-Sultanah Zanariah of Johor.....who also happens to be the wife of Sultan Murdered golf caddy who laugh at his golf stroke.  She is also now(2014) embroilled with the bizzare divorce proceeding under the Islamic UMNO Cult systems whereby a Dead Sultan can issue a divorce under some unique UMNO-Islam Cult practices in Malaysia.  So Sultan Iskandar(Sultan Murderer in cahoots with UMNO and Sultan Perak) technically should NOT ascend to the throne by his father edict on the death bed.  It was suppose to be his younger brother.

In short these sisters of Kelantan Royalty  at one time were married to Father and Son of Johor Royalty and that in itself is as shocking as ex PM of UMNO Badawi marrying his sister in law (that is his wife brother's wife-Jean)!!  So with sister in charge and younger sister giving the current Sultan Johor a hard time, since he is not from her own womb.  His real mother is apparently a British and given the highest honour as Royalty but not the Step mother Sultanah....with it comes Perks of course!! Current animosity and payback with this Johor Royalty Sham!  Padan Muka to ALL Royalty!!  Who cares...and hope you meet your Allah in Hell...!@#$%^!...insulter of Allah and Myth Defender of Islam!!  Incidently the current Sultan is marrried to daughter of Sultan Munafiq Islam Perak Azlan Shah....destroyer of Perak Democracy and corruption taker for Gamuda deal for other daughter.  All his family links are rich and famous now while Malay are still poor.   No need to go too far to figure out where your wealth and power went!  So next time know who and where to target if you need donation money....the ULTRA RICH Malays and Royalty!!

But on the day Ismail Al-Khalidi Ibn Ibrahim Al-Masyhur(who also was resposible for sacking Singapore for Racist reasons) the SISTERS were working overtime to continue their EVIL legacy under Allah eyes.  One was connected to dead King, the other had connection to a possible ascension to throne. Dead Sultan THUMB PRINT was used quickly on a piece of PAPER to make Sultan Golf Caddy Murderer the next Sultan.  Since the EVIL Sisters have everything figured out and cornered......the wheels of EVIL legacy was in motion continues to this day ....and as they say, the rest is History.

Today the current Sultan (2014) technically should be in Negeri Sembilan a few decades ago.  Current Sultan of Johor now multi billionaire...thanks to the selling of so called malay reserve land to China Chinese for $5 Billion...all for the family and none for the Slave citizen Malaya.....and you expect the poor malays to progress??  Not while Allah UMNO-Islam Cult is the official religion.  Perhaps a change of religion will open your eyes to the ongoing SHAM and SCAM of the Entire Royalty in Malaya.

The Entire Rulers and Royalty in Malaysia is all a SHAM and SCAM.....DIg deeper and their legacy is like UMNO Racist agenda!!  The day Sabah-Sarawak Sack Malaya would be a good day to see how these UMNO in Cahoots Rulers fix Malaya Crumbling and Collapsing economy!!

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