Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Be in Stealth mode and unseen manner is BEST!...to Slowly Grind Down and OBLITERATE the IS Islam UMNO-PAS Racist Terrorist Islamic Agenda In cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenors!!

There you have it..So Be in Stealth mode and unseen manner is BEST! ..in the Day of IS Islam Racist UMNO Malays attempted Terror Genocide Again in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor...Do not expect the IGP, Army to protect you NON Muslim Malaysian....Be smart and associate with those small Rebels fighting agaisnt these IS ISlam UMNO born Malays=Islam in the guise of their Militia Red Shirt, Perkasa, NGO, Pekida...IGP...Army......

Do not be Stupid in the Day of Malaysia Seperation and Destruction to seek their protection like in Syria/libya.....males will be Killed and Women Children comfort women and Force converted to IS Islam like M. Indira Gandhi children Forced to convertion to ISLAM.   Its time to Carve out your Own Territory and Push the IS Islam Racist terrorist UMNO-PAS -Sultan_Agong Alliance North to Kedah and nearer to thai Border.....and Push the Sulu-Abu Sayaf Islamic in cahoots with UMNO-PAs Sultan-Agong -Govenor terrorist to Phillipines and Indonesia.. We need to Disassociate with The IS Malay force to be born Islam Racist terrorist Sect of UMNO-PAS with Approval from Sultan_Agong-Govenor-JAIS-Jakim that had to DEMOLISH a SURAU in Johor because some BUDDIST Monks prayed in it! We do not need to be associated with STUPIDITY and EVIL IS racist terrorist UMNO Malay Islam either!! Fight them in Stealth, unheard and unseen manner is BEST!

The Perception Daily in Kampung and all Makan Stall is UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenors are Destroying Malaysia with Cukai/Tax and Barang Naik(High cost of living)...there is No Law but only IS ISlam UMNO Racist terrorist Act....That PapaGomo is High on Pakistani Illegals List to Whack in the Day of Reakoning and also that Datuk Jamal Yunos.. Red shirt will be Whacked proper and so Will Zahid hamidi .... Hissapmuddin ..Najib Cousin is next PM and Zahid Doing its best to KILL HissapGANJA muddin...The Game of Thrones continues in UMNO not Knowing the HUNGER Games For SACK and SEPARATE Malaysia to 12 States is Begining..Better 12 than one Stupid UN-Blessed NAtion By Allah!!
Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris-papagomo...Get him an IS ISlamic UMNO Sponsored Terrorist in training with Malaysian Army to be sent to Syria to Kill Anyone that is trying to stop the caliph coming!!

Just Call SAIFUL and make another SD that Tun M overpowered and Sodomised him....then Najib -Rosmah give him another Scholarship....and the Sultan _Agong-Govenor of UMNO Islam IS racist terrorist could not care less as long as their Overseas bank Account keep increasing.....Lets hope ALL these UMNO Bangsat Negara Scumbags and their cahoots Pay with their Lives for Ruining Malaysia.....Kepp Getting Rid of Ringgit....Boycott MAS, Petronas petrol and Bank in Foreign banks....Nothing else matter until the Terror Signal...!!! sack malaya from Sabah Sarawak.....Now in Sekolah Kebangsaan across Malaysia...Primary Students Force to stand and Hear Muslim Prayers Dhuhr...

So Sarawakians ...sack PBB and TAIB...otherwise your children force to Hear and Recite Islamic Prayers in Schools and then Suddengly converted to IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS-Sulta-Agong and case cannot be challenged because Transferred to Syriah Courts!!!!@#$%^&!...Have the Feb 2016 Floods in Sarawak Woken you up yet on Allah wanting Change in Sarawak?? Write a Letter telling the HM, Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES Your Son is to Hear-Participate in the IS ISLAM Prayers Sessions....EVER!! Fight Back ....terror back and Continue the Disruption

 Zakat Money + Tabung Haji Money went Najib-Zahid IS Islam Bank Account and some to Sultan-Agong and to build MOre SURAU-Mosque + Use your HARAM TAX payers money to Build More Mosque& Surau.....This is the Price Poor Malaysian have to hear daily and Bear with the Consequence of a IS Islam BIAS Racist terrorist Run Country.... I Ugre all Malaysian to help the Orang Asli First then Non-muslims and the crumbs to Malay = Born IS Islam Racist terrorist UMNO muslim........ You must think Like this to defend your Dignity ...otherwise Malaysia is Syria, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan in the making....Set your mind that NO ISLAM-Muslim Nation is Good and worth Migrating to...Make Malaysia Secular STRONG and until a Mind Set that until M. Indira Gandhi's children taht being FORCE TO CONVERT TO ISLAM and After 7 Years Still not returned to mother and Umconverted...Leave this MESS TO IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS-JAKIM-JAIS Sultan_Agong $10 Billion Yearly Maintenance Budget....... Nothing Changes until Worng is RIGHT!!

Fraud are those Who Claim that UMNO-PAS IS Islam racist terrorist in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor -Jakim JAIS claim that ISLAM is a Religion of Peace.....M. Indira Gandhi children Forced to convertion to ISLAM and No Access to child....(time to Kidnap her children like Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad and Migrate back to a Neutral country like Sirul Altantuya Murderer Did to Australia. At Least Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad had access to the children in Australia)....Thank God he and the ex MB with 2 Mohn are a PAS People.....Berambus to those Munafiq FRAUD Islam!! + Islam IS UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong-Govenor in malaysia is Stupid....the tearing down of a Surau in Johor because Buddist Monks prayed in it....So Malaysia..Everytime you step into a mosque and surau...say a prayer....these Munafiq lagi Bodoh Islam will tear it down.....Win - Win!! 

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