Sunday, February 21, 2016

Zahid Hamidi has a Malay lady and male Mole inside AG, Bank Negara, Tabung Haji and IGP area to Help Finish off NAJIB and at the same time CRUSH Najib Plan to Have his COUSIN Hissapmudin replace him as PM.!!

 Zahid Hamidi has a Malay lady and male Mole inside AG, Bank Negara, Tabung Haji and IGP area to Help Finish off NAJIB and at the same time CRUSH Najib Plan to Have his COUSIN Hissapmudin replace him as PM....... Zahid working very hard to be Never be EX- DPM statistic............1,500,000 bangla x $2,000 ringgit each fees& corruption charges = $3 Billion ringgit war chest in Family Import(Abdul Hakim Hamidi and 3D daughter DATUK Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Zahid) Bangla Biznes to finish off Najib + Hissapmuddin.... Game over Najib -Rosmah......and Zahid Hamidi is telling Sultan Johor & sons to MIND His Own $5Billion Bizness!!....Let the hunger games of thrones begin!! sack malaya from Sabah-Sarawak then Create 12 New nation....12 new Disrtict....Those who want Hudud can go to hudud District...Those who want Secular Singapore Style system can go there....Decision time in Now!! !MDB is chicken Feed...Najib Pergi Siasat...But Hamidi already swore on koran Not involve in Selection of contractor!! Najib Basah in Port Dickson!!

Najib-Rosmah and daughter got CONNED PROPER in this Marriage...thinking they Marry A Rich Dictator President Son...But this son is from a Divorced Mum ...Much Like the Sultan Johor Emak Angkat who lose her Royal Priveledges from Being Divorced from the Grave by the Sultan Murder Islam..... We know current Sultan Johor is from British English Mum......Now no link At all to Rich President...the relationship is Cordial--Cold....Najib-Rosmah Daughter's days are numbered...Soon to be doing 3-D Job...Dirty, Dangerous and Decrepit Tuanku Zanariah Tunku Ahmad remains divorced from her late husband the former Sultan Mahmud Iskandar...and this UMNO Bagsat Negara JAIS - Jakim Syriah Courts says Divorced after 3 years Buried in Grave is Valid....Current Sultan Sons are all in Danger from a Adat Melayu that likes Revenge...Like Tun Munafiq and Najib Now...Kill Each ....who cares...Malaysia is not worst off!....Let the Hunger Games Begin!!

Ha ha The Celaka Melayu IS Islam Racist terrorist UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan Agong-govenor have realised the Pendatang Melayu DNA is needing more type of Child Rapist peadofile Bangla to help populate Malaysia..Like UMNO Thamby Chik.... Sabah-Sarawak get ready to Pecat Restaurant IS Malaya. Melayu + Islam = bumiputera islam 2016, Melayu + India = bumiputera islam 2016, Melayu + Bangla = bumiputera islam 2016.... Any other combo if its not involving the Pencuri Hak Istimewah orang asli is never a bumiputera...regardless if you are a chinese, indian, iban , kadazan , murut, that have been here longer than the BANGLA.... Remember Help Non Islam Orang Asli First....then Help Nepalese..then..Burmese..Last of last the Born islam = Melayu = Melayu + Bangla = Born Islam = melayu = Malaysia 100% Bumiputera LAST to provide them help!! Sarawak Make room for bangla-Melayu islam to stay and populate your Land!! IF You see Child Rapist ...Bantai them First like the Bumi NON MALAY DiD and Send a Loud Message to UMNO + Sultan -Agong!!...Let the Hunger Games Begin!!  After all the IS Terrorist melayu Islam UMNO-Pas have Zakatthe Tabung Haji, The Sultan-Agong-Govenor , Saudi Arabia, Bank Negara to help struggling Malay bumi....NO ONE HELPS YOU IF YOUR ARE NOT IS ISLAM RELIGION IN MALAYSIA..>SO WISE UP!!,

 Apa Kelebihan Isalm..&;Rogol kanak2 macam itu Bangla, Sultan Pahang Rogol...Dulu Sultan Johor Bunuh..Sultan Kelantan Curi Thakta...Sultan Berak dapat Duit Korrupsi macam Sultan Kedah untuk Tolak Mukriz....ISAM + IS Melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara Racist Terrorist....  TAK Nak dan Malaysia lebih Baik 12 Negara...Siapa Nak Maju macam Singapura Teruskan..>Siapa nak mundur macam Bangladesh Teruskan.>>Tolak BN PBB Bangsat Negara.....Kalau tidak Lagi Banyak Banjir dan Bangla Datang dapat bumiputera tunggu durian Runtuh...minta sedekah macam Melayu UMNO!!

All these Swore on Koran some from the grave approved by JAIS, jakim...Council of rulers
Sultan Pahang - i never Rogol... let Allah Deal with it..
Last Sultan Johor - I never Murder - let Allah Deal with it..
Sultan berak - I never took money for Gamuda - let Allah Deal with it..
najib-Rosmah - I never knew Altantuya, i am not corrupted - let Allah Deal with it..
Saiful - i let Anwar overpower me and whack me kaw kaw - let Allah Deal with it..
Zahid hamidi - I did not award bangla entry Contract to my Brothers/Sisters/Daughter - let Allah Deal with it..
..... etc...etc... Is that the only time mulim IS Islam UMNO melayu bangsat negara touch the Koran...Then no different to what Alvin Tand did to it......IGp Bila Extradite him and jangan lupa Sirul kat Villawood di Australia... - Let Allah deal with it... Deal with Alvin, Saiful..and all Evil doers..... frankly GO TO HELL....Hell is coming to IS Islam Melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-agong Govenor.... This Coming Ringgit Crash Financial Crisis in malaysia is Going to Crush ALL Malaysian and Break Malaysia up into 12 Individual Restaurant....Unleash your terror and Claim your SPACE!!.enough of Koran Swearing law and order....they are IS ISlam Muslim racist terrorist EVIL agenda....continue to battle and Disrupt!!

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