Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Chief Minister of Sarawak Adenan Satem Says he will Welcome Bangla to take Jobs from Sarawakians who are too Choosy and ALSO Welcome Back IS ISLAM Freedom Fighters to Re-settle in Sarawak. He wants to also introduce Quran Recital in Schools across Sarawak while Sarawakians try to get in grips with English!!.....go figure!!..ABU...UBAH..Pecat UMNO-Bangsat Negara from Sarawak Kemudian PECAT Malaya...Distrct Negara Baru Sarawak.... Tahap Bolasepak 80 Ranking....Team Berbilang agama dan bangsa...Matawant $1 Sarawak = $6 Ringgit......dalam tahun 2020!!...tangkat TAIB, Adenan Satem...Semua ketua PBB dan LOK UP atau Gantung Kalau didapati BUNUH Penan....  ENGLISH Is back as Medium of Instructions....NOW IS THE TIME!!!

Malaysia RECESSION IS UPON YOU...OIL Fall means BIG BIG hole and Tragedy to Malaysia Credit Rating and ECONOMY!!

Of course we know 1.5 Million is needed to Vote for IS Islam Umno-bangsat Negara in the coming Sarawak and National Election.....and the EC- Sultan -Agong-Govenor will approve of ALL Illegal and excessive Billions of Donation..... on the Day of malaysia UPRISING and Beginning of Hunger Games... Get this Bugger....one by one their address appears.
Nama: Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi, Datuk
ID Baru: 530104-08-6055
Alamat: 389, Jalan Bayu Nyaman
Country Heights
43000 Kajang, Selangor

Papagomo Bantai a bangladesh IGP want Bangladest to make a report....Zahid Bantai a person and the Person made a police report....No further action needed.... Sex Blogger Alvin Acts ...Action was fast without prompting...Sirul Altantuya murderer...still no Extradition... The time to have 12 Separate states is the Best Option for Malaysian...Like 12 New Restaurant ...see which does best....No need to take Profit from Very Profitable Restaurant to Support and Maintain the others Lousy, Poor hygine, hell bent on giving people poor and unhealthy food and one that keeps employing illegals and getting into trouble with all kinds of Devient Islamic halal teaching!! No need for Good States to support poorly run states of Malaya..Time to UBAH!!...Abandon the Ringgit and UMNO bangsat negara in cahoots with Sultan_agong-govenors!!

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