Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Scumbag Sultan Selangor, Anwar ibrahim and Azmin Ali of PKR Deputy President want to Play play with harapan Leadership and strenghten his PKR own CRONY supporters......

Sultan and Agong or Govenor are like Anwar Ibrahim.....  yes they are all Leaders without Mandate, trying to be Arrogant Stupid....luckilly Rakyat Malaysia Hate them with a GUT FULL and when they smell a whiff of Greed for POWER to Dumb down the 99 %Malays and those 1 % IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Malays, these scumbags will use Islam Malay Race and Racist terrorist Ideology, conditioning of Omar propoganda to improve their perception to Public.  for 61 years there is NOTHING GOOD OR IMPRESSIVE THAT SULTAN AND AGONG OR GOVENORS OF MALAY ISLAM RACE DID FOR MALAYSIA.   They were part of the Criminal Enterprise of UMNO-PAS IS Islam Bangsat Negara giving Money for Titles...datuk, tun, tan sri and earn them a Few Billion Ringgit over 61 years.  Not happy with that gain they want to be part of the major share holders in Banks and Financial institution.  Still not happy with that wealth, these Scumbag Sultan-Agong-Govenor took part in Sharing with Mega Projects and have another cut into their OVERSEAS BANK ACCOUNT under the watchful eye of Bank Negara Govenor Zeti.

Still the Rulers and Cuncil of Rulers were not happy with their ILL GOTTEN Gains they started their EVIL Enterprise of Attempted Genocide to Orang Asli, Penan, Kadazan Iban Dayak....etc by taking htier forest, killing their people especiall Males or putting them into prison ...again mainly males and continued their Disgusting Human Right Abusing Islam conditioning or Omar Method to Rob them of their land, livelihood and DIGNITY.  When you have all these so Called EVIL scumbags as Fake Rulers of Malays existing, you will continue to have no progress for the people. Rulers Did nothing to improve your education, your economic wealth, your health, your dignity.  Rulers are EXPERT in using Other people money, by being seen at opening ceremony to things dedicated to citizen Malaysia.  Their Tokenistic presence does not mean anything...these 9 Malay Rulers are LEECHES...PACAT!!

The quicker Sabah-Sarawak get their Boundary in State Election sorted out in this Magical moment of Opportunity, the Quicker you have a More Powerful Negotiating Factor to Remain with Malaya or SACK Malaya and the Islam Bias Malay Racist Race from your territory.  The quicker you RID this malay Islam Sultan Rubbish, the Quicker you can be like Singapore....  NO ISLAM BIAS Sultan-Agong racist malay run state, administration or Nation is EVER Good in this world!!   ALL can Fall and disintegrate like IS Islam, like UMNO after they lose some power.  they disintegrate and the smart one like SCUMBAGS RATS Starts to Jump Ship and jump into other Opportunity for their Selfish Preservation.  Like so many MP and State Rep and now even Rulers trying to Sell their Fake Concern for the nation, for the People, for judiciary, Security, crime rate increasing, health, hosital quality,....etc.  NEVER ONCE IN 61 Years did these Sultan-Agong-oGovenor Melayu ISLAM Racist terrorist Scumbags help IMPROVE MALAYSIA...  RID SULTAN TO TRUE CEREMONIAL STATE.  No more Meddling in appointment of Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Police and Army or AG.....  The coalition that have the Largest Assembly of MP and State MP is automatically sworn in as VICTOR at a Police Station and can Form Government without Sultan-Agong-Govenor.  ENOUGH OF THE SWEARING IN CEREMONY AND THE PREJUDICE SONGKOK PROTOCOL!!

These Racist Terrorist UMNO-PAS Malay Fake Sultan / council of Rulers thinks after GE14...the People Suddenly Love them more for Doing nothing to make Malaysia a Better Place and Surpass Singapore.... They are all like Najib-Rosmah ideology and thinking, surrounded with Fake News from their Own Sources making them believe that These Sultan-Agong-Govenor Malay Rulers are HELD in High Regards...  No Wonder their Reality Check would be BITTER in the Years Ahead.  Let ALL the High Flying, Rich and Powerful Sultan-Govenor-Agong find out like the CURRENT SULTAN OF MALACCA!!  Yes sultan of Malacca don't exist and and same Fate Awaits them that LIES, ABUSE, Murder, Rape and Attemp to Genocide the People of Malaysia with Impunity....Their Relevance and Purpose for the People are starting to END in 2018......The count down have begun to these USELESS and CLUELESS RULERS, Govenors, Sultan-Agong....its a Family enterprise of Criminal to Protect their FAKE Legacy.  That is why they Inter Marry mainly among themselves to Preserve their Fake Sultante Legacy of Malaya.....

So again the sultan wants to play games by choosing another MB who was quietly submitted at midnight by Azmin Ali.  This PKR scumbag was suppose to have hopped over to UMNO-Bnagsat Negara had UMNO needed 5-10 MP to form Government.  Problem is Harapan won bigger than expected.  Now the scumbag Azmin Ali...the one responsible for JAIS/JAKIM to confiscate malay bible from Bible Society and with Sultan Selangor Scumbag play the manamanious stunt by stamping the bible and handing it back in some elaborate ceremony....GO TO HELL!!...Like Najib's father, Tun Abdul Razak....Sultan-Agong-Govenors were also Colaboraters with Japanese Red Terrorist Army...same with today IS ISLAM Terrorist to preserve their legacy.  No wonder ALL Malay Muslim Sultan_Agong-Govenor sing high praises of Zakir Naik the Terrorist Preacher given all kinds of Protection from teh Council of Rulers...thinking he can help contain Radical IS Islam malay muslim terrorist of Malaysia!!  The sultan-Agong are SPINELESS and support WHOEVER IN POWER and THESE SCUMBAGS SULTAN_AGONG Can Benefit for their GENERATION TO COME....RID THEM OF THIS POWER and reduce them LIKE MUSEUM NEGARA or SULTAN MALACCA POWER!!

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