Monday, June 04, 2018

The Sham and Scams of the Council of RULERS....Here is the Inside Info voting on the AG - Tommy Thomas....

Those Supporting Mr Tommy Thomas

Sultan Johor - too rich don't need Najib's dedak money
Sultan Negeri Sembilan
Govenor Sabah
Govenor Sarawak
Govenor Penang
Govenor Malacca
Sultan Kedah

Those Oppose to this Crap of AG non malay, non muslim, wanting to continue Najib's makan dedak corruption money in their overseas account are

Agong - Current Sultan Kelantan
Sultan Selangor - so rich...yet want more money (this guy also in the Billionaire category)
Sultan Perlis
Sultan Perak
Sultan Trengganu
Sultan Pahang

So the Council of Rulers Voted 7-6 in Favour of the appointment.....  Hell even IF the entire Council of Bangsat Negara UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong Govenor voted against Tommy Thomos appointment as AG, It will be a FACT in 30 DAYS as STIPULATED IN THE CONSTITUTION...... one has to Thank Mahathir for this.

Najib had the chance to return the powers to those STUPID ISLAM RULERS Defender of FAKE UMNO-PAS Islam when in Power with PAS BUT Allah have eyes and made ALL UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Blind.  Now NONE WILL BE RETURN IN FACT MORE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY,  NO more need Sultan Approval for MB and No NEED MB, GOVENOR TO BE MALAY OR ISLAM ALL OVER MALAYSIA.  Amar Maarof, Nahi Mungkar Kepala Otak Awak orang Islam UMNO-PAS!  Makan Dedak-Islam Hebat!  Berambus dengan Idelogi bodohkan 99% orang miskin melayu!....Ini peluang terbaik keluar Islam di seluruh Malaysia!!

The Agong/Sultan  Promise Allah to Defend Islam BUT Collected 1MDB Corruption money in their Local and Overseas Bank Accounts.  They can Promise Allah the World But they are SO DUMB that THEY Need a Muslim AG to advise these Bugis, JAVA Sultan Power on Islamic matters.  What kind of ISLAM WARRIOR are these that are NOT WELL VERSE with ISLAM.  Better Abdicate your Throne and Dissolve your SEAT as SULTAN....Like Sultan Malacca!!

Lets hope Mr Tommy Thomas don't Accept ANY Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk and ALL THOSE Rubbish titles of Uselessness, Corruption, SH*T titles to the Eyes of People of Harapan Malaysia!!...  We Want to UBAH....ALL NEW Appointees Must not have Titles in Office starting 2018!!!!

I also hope he wears a Turban like Kula or a HAN Chinese Head Gear!!....Do away with the Songkok Prejudice Dhimmi, conditioning of Omar Protocol.....Even Better No need to turn up to give the Agong the Dignity and Carry on the JOB as AG Designate and impose ALL those Criminal proceeding that MUST Start Now!!   In 30 Days Mr Thomas is AG by the POWER OF THE CONSTITUTION!!  AGONG-SULTAN BOW TO THE CONSTITUTION!!  THE PEOPLE POWER OF UBAH MUST BE RESPECTED....NOT Held to Ransom or trampled upon!!

The delay by the Council of Rulers proves that they (especially made by the AGONG- Sultan Mohammed V) are still in the receiving end of Najib's corruption money and we need AG with knowledge to stop it.  The Agong in cahoots with Najib knows without an AG, no charges can be laid yet.....But this is why Mahathir is Master class in dealing with these Scumbags.

Anwar is USELESS in dealing with Sultan, Agong, Police, Army......  One can say Anwar's skills are so low that Malaysia should thank its lucky stars that Mahathir is in Charge.  Anwar is just doing the Tokenistic things to appease MELAYU UMNO-PAS Bodoh that Islam can be strong without SULTAN-AGONG-Govenor ISLAM......  Hell Islam can be Strong without Shariah, JAIS, MAIS, JAKIM, and ALL those CRAP and Hina Islam Ramadan CRAP!! 

Remember no Islam Bias run administration, state of nation is any good in this world!!

61 years of Malay-muslim AG have led to $1 Trillion Debt with UMNO-PAS in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Islam Bangsat Negara....  The Rulers have LOST their Legitimacy for ANYTHING with $1 Trillion Dollar Ringgit Debt!  Their vetting process for AG, Police, Army General, Finance Minister, etc...etc can throw into the Jamban!....Hello Malaysian are you awake Yet!!!


Please shut down 80% of RTM Islam discussion Rubbish and allocate the time equally to other religion like hindu, buddist, christian.....Agong not defending non islam Bumiputera is a Constitutional Crime too!!....then again we know the Bias and that is why they look Foolish in their Palace!!

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