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The Sham and Scams of Gopal Sri Ram........Make no mistake these are also some of those Scumbags Judges, Lawyers who are also dedak money and corruption money mongers like Stanley Augustin paid to Divorce Glamour Seeking Wife and add in Fling with Muhiddin by Najib-Rosmah team UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara think Tank!!

Update 31 Aug 2019:

Since so many of you UMNO-PAS Scumbags trying to find stuff to recluse Sri Ram From Persecuting Melayu Arab Supraacist UMNO Najib Proven Bank Account Donation to SULTAN-AGONG Makan Dedak/Corruption 1MDB….Then sorry to say you will be disappointed.  We will USE Whoever, Whatever to CRUSH The Racist Supremacist Melayu Islam  Arab UMNO-PAS-PKR-BERSATU-PBB-GPS-WARISAN Taliban-Brotherhood of Islam, Hamas-Hezbollah, Zakar Naik Supporters!..  Remove Shariah, Jakim, Jais, Mais, Agama Islam/KhatClass, Tabung Haji $25 Billion Bail out Sham,  All Islamic Programs on TV.......ENDORSE ICERD & ICC....Freedom to leave Islam ....Khat d Hidden Arab Malay Supremacist KRAP .....then Perhaps Malaysia WILL BE SPARED THE COMING CURRENCY AND ECONOMIC DOOM OF 60 Years Sultan-Agong-Govenor Melayu Supremacist Islam Doing!!

ALL Sultan Agong – TAIB – Govenor have accounts linked to Najib-Jho Low operative inside and outside Malaya.  So Sabah-Sarawak..>Sack GPS-PBB of Sarawak and Sack Malaya with Sabah BORNEO ALLIANCE.  Its ALL About the KHATTING the ISLAM KRAP and Progress like Singapore.  Even in supposedly Progressive Selangor Islamic Melayu Arab Supremacist State…they still want this idiotic unilateral Conversion Bill that DENY Diksa Prasana from Reverting OUT OF KRAP ISLAM Supremacist…back to Hindu….and after 10+ Years still the PIG IGP BADOR Cannot find the force convert to Islam Child and return to mum Mrs Gandhi.

So Sign Here to Begin the Process of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan INGGERIS, Say NO tho KHAT-JAWI MELAYU and END the 60 Years of useless Bahasa Bodohkan Malaysia

Rather Surprise so many online portals giving this Gopal Sri Ram so much high praises and room to Express Himself like he is So emenient, holy and Righteous.  Lets Cut the crap about this ex Judge.  Like Stanley Augustine, he wants high paying roles like AG, Chief Justice, Federal judge....etc.  He  is now very Jealous that he was not part of the elite inner circle of Harapan Mahathir.  Lets face it not all in that council are shinning star apart from Kuok and Prof Jomo...the rest are the same dedak seekers, shoe polishers and grandiose seeker of fame and fortune.

Rakyat Malaysia who voted for UBAH should take whatever he says with an understanding of seeking some ulterior motives, fame and fortune. Just because he have some knowledge of law and got lucky with Mahathir in shamming Ku Li during UMNO Crisis should not make him hero.  This is the same SCUMBAG Judge Gopal Sri Ram who sent Lim Guan Eng to Jail for sedition for 2 years for defending the malay grandma daughter who was sexually assulted by Rahim Thamby Chik.  Same scumbag judge Gopal Sri Ram who sued the international school for his wife, Chandra Sri Ram for $6 Million then   1999 for scumbag son Govind Sri Ram who was left out of the school debate team.   More can be read here of Other write up on Gopal Sri Ram as judge and cases...can say they are quite accurate...            What kind of Mental type religion, ideology, pride, race would do this for a son.......much like Najib-Rosmah -Sultan Agong Bangsat Negara type!!                   

Race and Religion issues aside...the Gopal Sri Ram are those Indians who thinks they are so high and mighty on the caste systems and you can rank his wife in the same league like Rosmah - Najib's wife...just that she is the indian version.  No difference with the Korean VP airline daughter who kicked a stinker over nut rage and was appropriately dealt with.   What Gopal Sri Ram is doing is like the old days ...connections so that his business can have lots of cases for his son, family from government and make more $$$$$$.

No need to speak great of  Gopal Sri Ram as suddenly after the GE14 election, all types of canary start singing great and superlative stuff on Mahathir, harapan, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Abu...eyc and undermine those that tries to undermine Mahathir other selection process.  Gopal Sri Ram also wants to break up any alliance within the inner circle of Mahathir elders wise owl so that some new faces gets invited him.  Mahathir is no Mother Teresa either...he too is playing games to shore up his own agenda, disrupt others and maintain his direction.   One need to ask how come Mahathir and Anwar agrees to allow ex-UMNO MP to join now and cross over to harapan...but not Amanah and DAP...(don't worry Amanah & DAP alsohave their strategy not involving ex UMNO malay Scumbags).  Both these UMNO-DNA Scumbags of PKR and Pribumi thinks they are the voice of power and that I say Go to Hell and ... Don't worry about him(Anwar, Mahathir), may die tomorrow....greater things are at work from the Najib-Rosmah hidden hands that malaysia is not aware about yet that can also involve Sultan-Agong...Govenor....etc.

I have always said if there is EVER a Civil War (god forbid)  MAKE SURE YOU CARVE OUT A PICE OF TERRITORY for you, your family, you people, race and religion.  We are in trouble times and desperate people do desperate things for the sake of protecting their Wealth, Ideology that they cannot bring along to HELL!!   We work towards Agenda 2020....and then we shall see what happens that allows POWER TO THE PEOPLE TO INVOKE......not that rafizi crap invoke!...Power to the People to INVOKE and UBAH for the Better!  No Islam Bias run Administration, state, nation is any good in this world...make no mistake about it!!

Question is Malaysian who voted for UBAH is WHAT DO YOU WANT?  We Should at least make it an agenda to have the following:

Freedom of Press
Freedom of Religion
Freedom from Racism
Bring English Back as Medium of Instruction in School, Judiciary and Parliament.
Help Orang Asli Poor FIRST....last Shariah, jakim Jais Mais...etc!!  
Malaysia a Secular Nation uphold Secular LAW as SUPREME over and ABOVE other Shariah and Religious Law!!....etc....etc

 Lastly Most Important

Those small Business on Contrat with UMNO PLEASE..Please ASK FOR CASH TERM 1 WEEK or immediate for whatever works you Carry out, merchandise supply for UMNO PWTC, Cawagan,surau masjid, shop lot! That is my Simple advise if you don't want to go Bankrupt with UMNO Hutang ....UMNO Cash flow is drying up!!  UMNO SUDAH BANKRUPT!!!  STAY Away from ALL Barisan Nasional Businees, cawangan....Barisan National Sudah Bankrupt!!

Rename it UMNO TERBARU or UMNO TEMBERANG or UMNO CHERNABOYL...UMNO ter Hot Bangsat Negara...who cares....Its Toxic..keep it for malay and muslim and mamak and jawa and bugis bumiputera melayu..sultan-agong govenor IS Islam racsit terrorist....

by K.S. Lee
It has been revealed by Anwar Ibrahim that Gopal Sri Ram himself approached Anwar requesting to act as defence lawyer. Those in the legal fraternity who know the ex-Judge well would vouch that such a move could not have been motivated by any altruistic motive.
Having Sri Ram on the team suited the Anwar camp, and perhaps helped assuage some of the anxieties they have been having facing Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, as evidenced by the numerous times the Anwar camp tried to bar his appearance through legal means and through the pro-opposition media.
Sri Ram has had a very colourful and checkered career. He started his legal career in private practice. He shot to prominence, or some would say to notoriety, when he represented the Mahathir team in 1987 over the UMNO crisis in the aftermath of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s challenge of Mahathir for the UMNO presidency. It is said his brief was to prevent a  re-election between Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh, which he did. UMNO was declared illegal and deregistered. And Sri Ram had wormed his way into the good books of Mahathir and the government.
Not surprisingly, Sri Ram’s rise was meteoric! He was appointed directly to the Court of Appeal, not having served as a Judicial Commissioner or High Court Judge.
Soon after his appointment, his wife Chandra Sri Ram sued the International School of Kuala Lumpur for dropping her 17 year old son, Govind Sri Ram, from the school debating team and sought a whopping sum of RM6 Million as damages. The case was settled by both parties.
Not satisfied, Chandra Sri Ram went on to sue Murray Hiebert, the Far Eastern Economic Review journalist, for a critical article of the incident entitled “See you in court”. No prize for guessing who was Hiebert’s lawyer! Yes, none other than Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.
The case received much criticism internationally from Amnesty International and Journalist groups for an attempt to curtail freedom of expression. Even the then US President, Bill Clinton, wrote a protest letter to the Prime Minister when Hiebert was imprisoned.
Hiebert was the first journalist to be sent to jail in Malaysia for contempt of court for his article; and first journalist in a Commonwealth country in 50 years.
It is alleged that the main reason this case was brought to court was because Chandra Sri Ram was slighted because the article portrayed her as a “petty vindictive woman”.
Malaysians would not have forgotten Sri Ram was the judge who was responsible for sending Lim Eng Guan to jail for 18 months, having found him guilty of sedition. Lim had spoken out in the case of Rahim Tamby Chik who was alleged to have raped a 15-year old girl.
Another controversial decision was in favour of the Bakum Dam when he overturned the decision of fellow judge Datuk James Foong who had ruled the project as detrimental to the environment.
Then there was a turn in his pro-government stance. For example the Mertramac case. His judgement was set aside by the Federal Court, citing judgement bias.
Further some of his statements from the bench against the litigants and others, particularly against Daim Zainuddin who was not Minister of Finance at the material time was expunged.
Sri Ram also has the rare distinction of having unsuccessfully sued his former partner V.Vijaya Kumar and seven others in a dispute over a collection of law books and journals, while he was still a Federal Court judge. It was a bitter and acrimonius tussle between Sri Ram and his former partner, and given wide publicity in the press.
Professor Aziz Bari (in The Ant Daily) interprets Sri Ram’s change of his pro-government stance and his later controversial decisions as a result of unhappiness at being by-passed for promotion to the Federal Court. He further states it may also be due to the fact he wants to be remembered more kindly in his obituary.
Sri Ram’s unhappiness at being by-passed as claimed by the learned professor is to a certain extent borne out by the fact that the issue of Sri Ram’s promotion was raised in Parliament by DAP MP Kulasingam, a few years back.
Ironically, Sri Ram in his last judgement in the Federal Court (having got his promotion) stressed that “judges must always bear in mind the justice of a case when deciding to grant postponement of a trial…’’ He emphasised  the need for good grounds for postponing a trial.
Now, Sri Ram has chosen not to heed his own advice and has chosen to represent a man who sought to postpone his case 67 times!

For Malaysia to Keep and Remember these Bangsat UMNO-PAS

These are the faces and people we need to WHACK Proper and send them to Prison after that...Make sure you recognise these IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban supporters!!

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