Sunday, July 15, 2018

I give Rakyat Malaysia the Highest Honour & Title "The Star of Freedom, Suffering, Bravery, Dignity, Truth and Justice"!!

I give Rakyat Malaysia the Highest Honour Title EVER Given in Malaysia "The Eternal Star of Freedom, Suffering, Bravery, Dignity, Truth and Justice"!! For Changing the Government using whatever it takes!!........

Without the help of sultan-Agong-govenor or mufti, iman, shariah melayu .....  Now these Scumbags Dare Say they are there to FIGHT and after Malaysia Well Being like they did against Portugese, Dutch, English, Japanese.....Go to HELL these Turn COATS Expert!  Be RID of these Malay Rulers!  All Fake and Without Link to Parameswara...Prove it with DNA Test!!  DNA Test to be Open to ALL Malaysian who has the Highest DNA % link to the Exhune Bones of Parameswara in Malacca!!...Then only ONE CEREMONIAL KING of Malaysia Forever...Like Nepal!!

The Council of  Rulers UMNO-PAS Is Islam bangsat Negara Council of Islam Fatwa, Shariah, Jakim, Jais, Mais Agong-Sultan-Melayu Only Govenor says its OK they Got Corruption 1MDB, Tabung haji, Petronas, illegal Timber, Genocide Money From Umno Najib and PAS Hadi islam, because they can turn bad money to good use and will help make Islam Great Again in MaluSIAL!!.... Pergi Mampus and tolong Hijrah Ke Negara Islam Lain!!...Go to HELL Shariah-malay Agong-Sultan-Govenor UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara that HELPED SHAPED ISLAM MALAYSIA INTO $1 Trillion Debt and Bankruptcy!!

Chinese +Indian + Kadazan + Iban + Dayak + Orang Asli + Orang Darat + Orang Laut + other foreigners = 59% Of the Population of Malaysia.  This is greater than Melayu Tulin who are only 36 % of the Population of Malaysia. You add the bangla + indonesia + jawa(zahid Hamidi) + Rohigya makes melayu TAK TULIN 41% ....Never let lies diminish your Resolve to impose Agenda that Make MALAYSIA Better!!   Do NOT IMPOSE YOU SICKNESS AND BELIEF OF STUPIDITY ON NON ISLAM MALAYS!!  GO TO HELL WITH THE Bahasa Make you DUMB And STUPID Melayu, while the Elites of UMNO-PAS, Sultan-Agong-govenor curi Duit(money Robbers) of Rakyat Malaysia send their children to English Medium School in Malaysia ansd then to USA, Australia, Britain and NZ.....  Go to Hell with Demi Bangsa Melayu, Bahasa Melayu and Agama Islam!!   ITS OK TO NOT WEAR SONGKOK, ITS OK TO NOT SPEAK Malay, ITS OK TO REJECT ISLAM, ITS OK TO REJECT CORRUPTED SULTAN-AGONG-Govenor, IGP, Rapist Mufti, Mullah, Jakim, Syariah and thelaw to ALLOW POLUGAMY in Islam to Marry 4 Wives.....Go to HELL With ALL ISLAM SHARIAH SH*T Conditionin og Omar Agenda!!

To those who wants to preserve Najib-Rosmah Legacy...Like Permata, Sultan-Agong, IS ISlam UMNO-PAS Racist terrorist, Bahasa Bodohkan Songkok Melayu can.....Go To Hell....!!!

Dei Bangsat Ahli Majlis Profesor Negara Prof Datuk Teo Kok seong bodek Makan ada tolong Kaum yang dapat 5A1, 10 A...STPM/SPM.... masuk sama2 jurusan pilihan mereka macam Meritocracy selama 61 tahun tak???...Apahal awak Diam Sepanjang UMUR...61 Tahun... bila orang Islam Melayu UMNO-PAS dapat 3A2C boleh dapat Biasiswa keluar negara jadi Doktor...orang Bangsa Lain 5A pun tak boleh masuk University Tempatan jadi Doktor?? Apa Sial ideologi ini?? Jangan cuba sorok dengan cerita QUOTA!!!

UBAH Bermakna Ubah ...Permata boleh Bungkus dan Kerja Pertama Semua kaki tangan Pertama Permata Ialah BUANG Gambar Rosmah dan Najib Dalam Tong Sampah. Legacy celaka 2 orang ni Jangan disimpan...KUBURKAN!!....Kalau terlalu Banyak info, kertas, Leaflet dengan gambar mereka 2 celaka...Kasi Bakar sampai semua samipai Neraka!! Orang Kutip sampah mungkin tak nak kutip tong Sampah kalau ada muka celaka Najib-Rosmah!!

Those Rubbish Talk of who did the greatest and most can go on.  WE NEED TO CHANGE  AND MOVE FAR AWAY FROM THE  UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara IS ISLAM DNA Ideology Mainstream Crap!

Sabah Govenor is New KING of Malaysia for hiring and Firing 2 Minister without following Rule of Law.  His act is unconstitutional and Sabah Will be Back in Election because of So Many Election Offences that Even WARISAN is in trouble!!  Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Juhar bin Mahiruddin The Current Govenor of Sabah Must be FIRED and Removed from this JOB NOW!!  He is elevating himself and setting up Himself as King of Sabah should Sabah Break Away From Malaysia.  Sack this Scumbags of melayu UMNO-PAS IS Islam hamas-Hezbollah Taliban, Abu Sayaf and Sulu Terrorist supporters.

The Sabah-Sarawak Chief Minister Must NOT be an UMNO-DNA - Bangsat Negara(BN) malay muslim in 2018.....Other Race and Religion MUST hold that position in 2018 to REFLECT REAL CHANGE!! Whatever the negotiation is at place in KL.... ABU UBAH!!

MAKE Sure Chief Minister Post is a non Malay IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara person..... to SHOW Their SINCERITY in wanting CHANGE!! ABU UBAH..... Ini Kali LAH!!...then slow sikit crack down....but make sure Everything return to English in Sabah-Sarawak... Study amp & Repel ALL Business Billion Dollar Contract that disadvantage Sarawakians but only benefit a Few UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara)PAS Islam Malay people.... Sarawak is a Nation... Make Sarawak Free from UMNO DNA....otherwise you GET SABAH Katak Crap!. SABAH Must Reject UMNO and UMNO MALAY DNA Chief minister.... NOW!! Its time for the OTHER non muslim RACE that have fought and struggle against UMNO-Bangsat Negara for many...many...many more than 20 be Chief Minister!! Reject those Opportunist UMNO-PAS IS Islam malay supremacy type Leaders as Govenor in Sabah and Sarawak!!

Rename it UMNO TERBARU or UMNO TEMBERANG or UMNO CHERNABOYL.....keep it for malay and muslim and mamak and jawa and bugis bumiputera warriors in one place.... Don't Soil the name of Jaffar Onn with the UMNO-Bangsat Melayu Current Leaders.....and the 3 Million Bangsat Member UMNO yang sudah hilang Aklak, moral dan Terus Hina ALLAH walaupun Ramadan...Berambus!!! Those Business on Contraktwith UMNO PLEASE ASK FOR CASH TERM 1 WEEK for whatever works you Carry out in UMNO!

No Islam Bias Run state, nation or Administration is ANY Good in this World!!

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