Monday, July 16, 2018

Malaysia have Speaker of parliament without MANDATE....HOW STUPID Can Harapan Be!!

Very POOR Choice...disagree 100% ..This Ariff is speaker without MANDATE...Just like all those Scumbags Senators being voted in as deputy minister without Mandate.....  Frankly Go to Hell also with Harapan Choice of people in ministry and CHANGE Needed.   Why Still no move to make Englsih the Medium of Instruction.....  What use Bahasa Make You Dumb malaysia for UEC recognition??  Do we have to Submit to stupidity to move forward??  Why is RTM under Gobind still showing Stupid ISLAM BIAS Programs and NONE for other Religion??  Go to Hell Really this type of ABU and UBAH that Rakyat have voted for.  Start the PROCESS NOW with Removal of BTN,  RTM ISLAM BIAS PROGRAMMING, JAKIM, JAIS, MAIS and Prejudice Racist Songkok Protocol for Non Malay-muslim facing agong-sultan....Wear a turban or Han Dynasty or Iban, Orang Head Gear instead as SIGN of Protest and Ridiculous to Insult the IDIOT Agong-Sultan and Malay Makan Dedak Duit Corruption Money of 1MDB Rulers....More to Follow!  What Will Malaysia do WHEN IT IS REVEALED that SULTAN-AGONG_Govenor Accepted Donation from Najib-UMNO 1MDB corruption Money??....Your you owe $1Trillion and the Malay Rulers were there to take and defended Rakyat Malaysia in time of need...!@#$%^&*(!...Go to HELL with these Liars and Evil Defender of Islam deceivers!

 I expect by GE 15 ALL Senators MUST be Voted by the People or GET RID of the ALL Senators + Sultan Dedak Money Salary eaters Scumbagd....  This we can debate.  Malaysia should have Stayed with convention of Speaker with Mandate and make Hannah Yeoh as Speaker...Right now we sit and watch??....Still Mrs Gandhi have not got back her Kid...force convert to islam...with Malanjun as CJ...and Tommy AG...and IGP do nothing....Genocide still happening among Orang Asli in Kelantan and Zakir Naik given PR for What???  Force ALL who are born in Malaysia be made bumiputera....Why is zahid Hamidi and Ragad Taib a Bumiputera??.....  This is NOT UBAH or ABU...this is more of the SAME CRAP.....then I will continue Agenda 2020...>SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak!!  Its time for the 3rd Force to take out PKR, DAP and BERSATU MP who condone the same ideology of Barisan Bangsat Negara....

No Islam Bias Run state, nation or Administration is ANY Good in this World!!

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