Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Anwar Erdon Brotherhood of Islam Ibrahim is AWFULLY QUIET on this ICERD matter as a Newly Minted MP who was MAKING Lots of Road Show previously.....Suddenly is he Doing a Tun Dr M May 13 Racial Riot to OUST Tun Razak from 1969?? Like Instigating Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya together with Help from the Rulers like Sultan Selangor, Deputy Agong Sultan Nazrin and Sultan Johor??? WE WILL TEACH THOSE DECEMBER 8 RACIST UMNO-PAS IS ISLAM NGO TERRORIST RALLY A LESSON......THIS IS THE MAKING OF 12 NEW NATION!!...Sabah-Sarawak SACK MALAYA SOON!!

Anwar Erdon Brotherhood of Islam Ibrahim is AWFULLY QUIET on this ICERD matter as a Newly Minted MP who was MAKING Lots of Road Show.....Suddenly is he Doing a Tun Dr M May 13 Racial Riot to OUST Tun Razak from 1969????  Anwar have been Promised $1-1.6 Billion Ringgit from Najib to let them Leave Malaysia Quietly apparently and Anwar can Solidify his Position as Eternal Erdogan Prime Minister after Tun Dr M steps down.    Some ask are you sure $1-1.6 Billions.....??  IF Najib have $100 Billion Stashed outside Malaysia in their Children, Relatives Names, proxy....what is so hard in transfering the money to Anwar Erdogan Turkey Bank Account.....??Agong can get $100 million ringgit but now reneg on Najib-Rosmah UMNO-PAS-Hadi Deal to get married and satisfy his Malay ISLAM Prophet Right to Marry Many in teh name of bumi Sesak/Deluded Islam.

NOW Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya instigated by Sultan and Anwar Ibrahim to Oust Tun Dr M like they did to Tunku in the past......  What have Malays got to do with a hindu Temple??..Sibuk tak malu, cari Hal
TO all those Racist Malay UMNO-PAS anti Icerd Scumbag...my Ninja will teach a lesson to the likes Jamal Jamban, Ali Tinju that 3 Line, Cow Head Scumbags will learn lesson at Night Walking Home Daily.....these Hire Rempit/Terrorist Malay Islam of UMNO-PAS anti Icerd Team will GET THEIR REWARD SOON ON DECEMBER 8...Enjoy!!...Just Imagine...Under Najib-UMNO-Hadi PAS...we were NEVER AFRAID...TODAY under Harapan...ITS A WALK IN THE PARK!!  Why are they there doing their IS ISLAM anti Icerd Rally there??  Bring on the RIOT of DEATH AND TRAGEDY....THIS TIME MALAYSIA BROKEN TO 12 NEW NATION AND GOOD LUCK TO IS ISLAM anti-Icerd Malays......  THE ISREAL METHOD IS TO Eliminate all Structure of IS ISLAM GATHERING.....Only safe place is the Hospital.......THINK ABOUT IT and do your worst!!....  Sabah-Sarawak..>Get Ready to SACK RACIST TERRORIST MALAYA UMNO-PAS and IS ISLAM.......  Malays have to Choose to be Racist IS ISLAM or Free to adopt any Religion, Marry and convert and Throwthe Burkah-Hijab non Malay Garments/Culture into the Fire of HELL !! RESET BACK TO THE MALAY CULTURE AND RACE OF 1959!!

You silly Malaysian thought he went there for some medical treatment for his back.....how stupid can you get and being brain washed by the Axis of Evil in the Brotherhood of Islam Ideology.....  Everywhere these Scumbags and Bastard take the ideology there is CHAOS and Trouble....Just go and search Google the Brotherhood of Islam Nation!!

But we Malaysian Prefer to see Najib, Rosmah, Hadi, Zahid Hamidi, Bung, Musa Aman, Taib,....etc UMNO RACIST WARLORD and Leaders ROT IN JAIL OVER Getting the MYR$100 Billion Ringgit Stolen from Malaysian.....Approved by Melayu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong Bangsat Negara!

So there you have it......Have money BUT CANNOT USE IS THE BEST OUTCOME FOR RAKYAT MALAYSIA......  We cut down  RACISM, ISLAM, Shariah, Jakim, JAIS, MAIS, Islamic NGO Funding, IS ISLAM Funding, Islamic Religious School funding, Sultan-Agong-Rulers LAVISH LIFESTYLE Funding,  Funding to HAMAS-HEZBOLLAH NGO...etc,...We GET $100 BIllion BACK IN ONE YEAR.....NO PROBLEM.....  Malaysia can THEN SACK and Send those Illegal Rohingyas, Bangla, indonesia, Pakistani IS ISLAM people back to their own Country or to some other Islamic Country that need their Services.....Immediately our MINIMUM MONTHLY PAY Will be $2000 / Month...

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