Saturday, November 03, 2018

Sultan Nazrin: Learn from mistakes of previous government of UMNO-PAS bangsat that have HELPED SULTAN AND AGONG especially Gamuda, Sultan johor, Selangor, Pahang, Kelantan, Agong to be RICH and Benefitted from 1 MDB Corruption $$$$$$...

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Exactly...CHIT POODAH to Acting Corrupted Agong and brother to Sultanah of Johor....whose Auntie is Sultan Pahang Rapist Wife and....Previous Sultan johor Murder Caddy Wife is Auntie to Current Sultan Kelantan/Agong Throne Robber from Stroke Father......LOOK HOW THESE HOUSE of SAUD IS ISLAM Malaya try to INTER MARRY Across the Sultanate to PROTECT their OWN TURF......  NOW ALL Sultan-Agong Playing the HIGH MORAL AND RIGHTEOUS SONGKOK / TUDUNG, Visit Mecca Improve Standing with Malaysian Gullible,  Dumb, BTN, Brain Washed Malay IS ISLAM Umno-Pas -Pkr Muslim..

Sultan Nazrin: Learn from mistakes of previous government........  "I benefitted $25 Million Regular Yearly 1MDB - $1.2 Trillion Debt  income to my Overseas bank Account"....Stupid Rakyat knows Anwar and Tun will NOT DARE GO AFTER US.....  WIN-WIN!! We Sultan-Agong-Royalty are untouchable and immune from 1MDB court cases!!! Thank you DUMBO Najib-Rosmah for making us Rich and now Rot in Jail....-Sultan Nazrin!

No UMNO-PAS -PKR Malay Islam Bias run state, administration, organisation is EVER GOOD IN THIS WORLD!!....Keep up the Boycott....Divest and DON'T  be Fooled to return home and improve a RACIST TERRORIST ISLAMIC Malay Run Nation....UNTIL SABAH-SARAWAK Sack MALAYA!! ..... or 12 NEW INDEPENDENT NATION CREATED!!

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